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CorsairError Enumeration
Shared list of all errors which could happen during calling of Corsair* functions.

Namespace:  CUE.NET.Devices.Generic.Enums
Assembly:  CUE.NET (in CUE.NET.dll) Version: (
public enum CorsairError
  Member nameValueDescription
Success0 If previously called function completed successfully.
ServerNotFound1 CUE is not running or was shut down or third-party control is disabled in CUE settings. (runtime error)
NoControl2 If some other client has or took over exclusive control. (runtime error)
ProtocolHandshakeMissing3 If developer did not perform protocol handshake. (developer error)
IncompatibleProtocol4 If developer is calling the function that is not supported by the server (either because protocol has broken by server or client or because the function is new and server is too old. Check CorsairProtocolDetails for details). (developer error)
InvalidArguments5 If developer supplied invalid arguments to the function (for specifics look at function descriptions). (developer error)
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